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The entire world has been under the grip of two major threats which are Terrorism and Economic disparity. These have led to serious security concerns and the need for an hour is to protect people, assets, and infrastructure. Because of this, CCTV surveillance & GPS Tracking systems are becoming almost a mandatory security feature in all vehicles, public places, schools, businesses and even in residences. Though very few have new generation CCTV surveillance systems that do much more than just being there to catch what’s going on. With the ever-changing technology, the uses and possibilities are endless and having modern video surveillance solutions will not only ensure your safety & security but also save you and your business time and money.

  • Infrastructure Surveillance
  • City Surveillance
  • Campus Surveillance
  • Long Distance Surveillance
  • Transportation Surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking


Theft, Burglary or Crime

At your Home & Office

What Saminus brings to you?

Saminus brings you comprehensive security & surveillance solutions managing multiple devices that offer Vehicle Tracking System, CCTV surveillance solutions with analytics, access control, and intrusion alarms functionalities to allow proactive and reactive measures avoiding unwanted events.

As an end-to-end Video Security & CCTV Surveillance solutions provider, the range of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution as per your needs and budget.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Secure.